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Du to the present situation Zentra has close is classes at Shizuoka and Yaizu Studios. 
We understand how important is your yoga practice to keep your physical and mental body in an optimal condition. So have decided to develop online class to remedy the situation. To Book the class you should book through Online class page here and not to use our booking system from the regular classes



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Improve your fitness,  personal wellbeing!

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About Us

Zentra Yoga is established in Japan since 2005. We Teach traditional Yoga based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati and his disciple Swami Satyananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda. In our classes we introduce you to asanas (postures) pranayamas (breathing exercises), concentration techniques and meditation. We also share with you the philosophy of yogic science, which gives us a way to live our daily life harmoniously. 


Meet The Teachers

Noriko Higashide Sirard

Noriko Sensei Has been practicing Yoga for more than 14 years and teaching for more than 10. She Has extensive experience with Zentra Yoga and Sivananda Yoga. Beside running Zentra for 13 years, she also has been involve in assisting and translating Teacher training course with Sivananda organisation for more the a decade. She has been award the title of Yoga Acharya by Sivananda organization and she also has succeed the level 2 Qci of Indian yoga teacher certification. (only few Japanese got this certification) Before Starting her journey on the yogic path Noriko was an Anthropologist graduated from Tokyo University. She speaks fluently 7 languages.

Mario Sirard

Mario Sensei Has been practicing Yoga for more than 25 years and teaching it for more than 20 years. He spent 7 years in India learning yoga with great Yogis. He has graduated from the renown Bihar yoga Bharati (deem University)(Satyananda Yoga) with post graduate yogic study, He also learned extensively under Swami Shyam Yogi of Pushkar (kriya Yoga). He graduated Sivananda Yoga (hatha Yoga) teacher Training course in 1998. He also have learn from different yogis while staying in the himalaya and other conductive locations. Mario Has developed Zentra Yoga which is an integral approach to Yoga. His teachings are focus on the present moment, the importance of the breath and the joy of being alive. Before starting his Journey has a Yogi Mario was a professional Pilot (5 years) and Social Worker (2 years)


Camille and Ishan are both born in a yogic environment. With Noriko and Mario they spend at least one or two months every years in a Yoga ashram either India, Canada or Thailand. They have imbibed the yogic teaching of many different teachers. Ishan has now spent the three last summers in Yoga Camp In Canada ( by his own choice) where he has learned deeper aspect of yoga and its relation to the "ordinary" world.  Both Ishan and Camille are good role model of harmony and peace and are great example for their pears.

Motonari Asuwa

Asuwa Sensei has been with Zentra for the last 10 years. He is an active yoga teacher in Shizuoka province. have differnent classes and program here and there. The Students enjoy his dynamism and open heart.

Rob MacLaghlin

Rob Sensei Is a University  teacher In Shizuoka . Being a teacher as a profession, he has develop skills of communication which help his student to understand the essence of what he try to communicate. He Has practice yoga for 5 years at Zentra and start is yoga teacher journey in 2016. You will enjoy his presence and his love he has to life. 

Miyuki Nakano

Miyuki Sensei Has been student at Zentra for more then 8 years. She has recently succeed her Teacher training course and started teaching. She has great sense of empathy and understand the need of the students. Students loves her presence. She is also black belt in karate.

Fumihiro Maeda

Maeda Sensei has been a dedicated Yoga student at Zentra. He has accumulated about five years of experience with the amount of class he has attended at Zentra. He has a hight level of intuitive Insight. He easily can read the need of the student. 

Natsumi Sugiyama

Natsumi have been practicing yoga Since 2011 and has been a student at Zentra for more than 4 years. She took Zentra TTC in 2018. 

She traveled extensively in India and Thailand to further her studies in Yoga and massages therapy. She is now a relaxation therapist. She previously worked as a social worker and aslo has  also been working for advertising agency. She has very deep understanding of yoga practices and the human body in general and will help you get the maximum benefit from your practices.

Improve your fitness,  personal wellbeing!

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