Special courses

Both Mario and Noriko have a vast amount of experiences and studies in the field of Yoga. Mario spent 7 years in India to research, learn and experience Yogic life. He has graduated (post graduated diploma)from Bihar Yoga Bharati (first Yoga university in India) . He also learned Under many other Yogis. Prior to his Indian subcontinent stays he also learned on Yoga and Hinduism at Universty in Montreal where he studied in "Religiologie" (philosophy of religion). Noriko Has translated and assist more the 12 teacher training courses and about 5 Advanced teacher training courses with Sivananda Yoga Organisation and also has learned extensively with Mario.

For this Reason Zentra yoga have design many different and unique programs to facilitate the assimilation of yogic science. Yoga is a very profound system that has been developed for more then 5000 years and as Swami Satyananda expressed : Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.

Those special courses are taught at intermittent schedules according to the demands and needs of the students.

Our courses can also be taught at a different locations. If you have any interest to receive or share our teachings we would be honored and happy to share it with your community.

Yogic Study 1 (20 hours)

  • Basic asanas

  • Five Bodies (koshas)

  • Basic Pranayamas

  • Basic Yogic Philosophy 

  • Basic vedic teachings

  • Basic Shat kriyas

  • And more

Chakra system study (25hours)

  • 7 Chakras

  • Main Nadis

  • Relation to human evolution

  • Practice related

  • Pranayamas

  • Bandhas

  • And more

Yogic Study 2 (20 hours)

  • Intermadiate asanas

  • In depth Five (koshas)

  • Intermadiate Pranayamas

  • Basic Yoga sutras (Patanjali) 

  • Intro to Tantra

  • Meditation techniques

  • And more

Yoga Nidra study (12 hours)

  • Origin 

  • What is yoga nidra

  • Why yoga Nidra

  • The need for yoga Nidra

  • 4 differents practices

  • Learning to give yoga Nidra

  • And more

Yogic Study 3 (20 hours)

  • Advance  asanas

  • Prana, nadis

  • Charkra System

  • Shiva/Shakti

  • Intro to Kriya yoga

  • Meditation techniques

  • And more

other are also offer

  • Yoga sutra of patanjali

  • Study on Bhagavad Gita

  • Exploring the the concept of God and Consciousness

  • basic Sanskrit

  • And more

For more informations on those courses contact us!