Senior Yoga

Senior yoga Has been increasingly popular and for a good reason. It give a sense of aliveness to the body and soul. Yoga is to learn to live the present moment with complete presence and interest. Each days are a gift and yoga give us the tools to experience it in a more healthy, present and positive way.  With the practice of postures design for your need, breathing and awareness you will reexperience yourself and  the world around you with very differnent eyes.

           Benefit of yoga for elders

  • Helps to minimize high blood pressure

  • improve flexibility and strenght.

  • Strengthens bones.

  • Reduce weight- Keeping weight off can help to avoid diabete and other health problems. Yoga can help to burn fat and build muscle at any age.

  • Improve balance- As we get older, maintaining balance can become an issue. Yoga helps people to improve and maintain balance through a variety of poses.

  • Reduces Stress & Improves Mood- Yoga can help to reduce stress through the mindful breathing and meditation it offers.

  • And many other benefits 

During the yoga class you will be thought technique to help  you understand your body and give it the care it needs.

Our teachers have many years of experiences with any type situation. Each individual has its own story and each one has their own needs. 

Every week you feel more refresh and alive after the class and the teacher is their to answer any of your question. 

Zentra is also a community where you will meet people who share the same interest as you. Zentra promote healthy living, acceptence of the differences and encourage people to express their own feeling and wonder. Our teachers are always attentive and interested to who you are.

Each of us have a unique journey that may help other understanding their own. Yoga unify people from all age, beleive and nationality.





Yaizu Kogawa
Yaizu Kogawa


2:00-300 pm


Be Present Be Happy !