Morning Yoga

Starting the week or the day with a well design sequence of asanas(postures) accompanied with deep yogic breathing guidance and seasoned with a focus mind you will have the perfect recipe for health, harmony and success. 

Either you have your working day Ahead or planning to take the road or just simply go on with your daily home routine, nothing is more important then to have a tune mind and a healthy and energised body to optimise your every move.

Yoga is definitly the most important practice one can start to do to get the things done.

Mario sensei have more the 20 years of experience teaching yoga and more the 25 practicing it.  he has study the human ​body, has explore the human mind and is able to understand the need of  individuals when he see them.

he will help you develop and stimulate your inner potential.

The Class is 60 minutes and mainly focus on postures. Your body will be worked on progressively. We take special focus on the spine since it is through it that our nervous system travel.

A just level of physical work out is also given to the whole body. just enought to make you sweat just a little, not to much. 

all along the breathing and focal point is well guide by the teacher. to assure that you will get the maximum out of your effort.





Yaizu Kutir
Yaizu Kutir


6:30 -7:30 am
6:30 -7:30 am


Be Present Be Happy !